Learner & Restricted Driving Lessons

Helping YOU to become a safe driver

Skilful driving is based on controlling your car with precision and concentration, anticipating danger and mistakes from other drivers, so there is always a comfortable margin for safety. This does not mean driving at a snail's pace, forever anxious about the next danger to appear in front of you.

Skillful or advanced drivers are confident, and decisive, but not reckless. They are enthusiastic about driving and choose carefully the moments to overtake, making good progress through traffic flows. 

Our driving lessons can include:

  • Reverse Parallel Parking
  • Three Point Turning
  • Trailer Towing
  • Hazard Identification
  • And more!


Teenagers aged 16+ or anyone required to complete the NZ Graduated Driver Licensing System (GDLS)  are eligible for driver training.

Advance Driver Training can help you if you are from overseas, have had no previous driving experience or if you've learnt driving skills from a family member and wish to have some "polishing up" before you take your restricted or full test.

We also provide Defensive Driving Courses to increase your driving skills and to cut  time off your licence! (6mths off restricted licence if under 25 years old, 3mths off 25+ years old)

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Check our useful links page for online activities for increasing your awareness and scanning skills! Have a go! You might surprise yourself how well or poorly you respond to potential hazards ahead!



Important! Always ask to see the instructor's I endorsement on their driver licence. Anyone requesting payment for lessons is legally required to be NZTA approved, and will have had a police check on their suitability to be an instructor. Please be aware that there are some "driving coaches" who have been offering "discounted" lessons to students. Any student who has been charged for training from an unauthorised instructor can advise police or NZTA to get their money back.