Class 6 - Motorcycle & Scooter Riders

The Compulsory Basic Handling Skills (CBHS) test is the first stage of the Class 6 licence, to ensure you can handle a motorcycle in controlled conditions away from traffic, before you can take the motorcycle theory test. We can provide a motorcycle for you to use for this test or you can use your own road-legal bike. 

For more information on obtaining your motorcycle licence including an animation of the CBHS test, check our useful links pages!


Novice Riding

Introduction to riding motorcycles, compared to driving a car. Theory, basic maintenance and onroad riding in low-traffic area to gain confidence, developing to busier roads as riding skills increase. Preparation for restricted driving licence - Subsidised course

Intermediate Riders course

Theory, review of road laws, and on-road training for enhanced road skills in high density traffic, and State Highway conditions. Preparation for Full driving licence - Subsidised course

Advanced Roadskills Training

I can help returning and experienced riders to achieve and maintain a safer standard of riding on the NZ roads, anticipating those extra hazards which may not be so apparent from the relative safety of a car. I have designed a theory and practical course based on the UK Police motorcycle training course which helps riders to approach every hazard in a systematic way to ensure they are at correct speed, in the correct gear, while driving to the conditions - Subsidised course.

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