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Driving for your business

Driving smoothly and anticipating hazards better, can help to reduce fleet fuel bills by as much as 15%. Based in South Canterbury since 2009, Advance Driver Training is the preferred driving school for several local businesses. We assess existing staff and new employees' driving skills before allowing use of company vehicles, that are often signwritten with your valuable brand and identity. ​We offer a range of services, from group presentations and training on aspects of driving such as winter skills or even as simple as how to attach snow chains, or to change a wheel.

If required, presentations are best received by smaller groups of participants, which allows for better interaction and less concern about speaking out in front of peers or managers. We find that groups up to 10-15 work best, but there is some flexibility for every situation.

Individual drive assessments are typically 60-90 mins, through a variety of driving situations and locations. This enables any poor driving habits and behaviours to be identified, with non-threatening remedial action recommended where necessary.

Come to Advance Driver Training for a driving assessment, and we can also offer a written report option to provide to police or courts where a lapse of judgement, or bad habits may have led to a driving offence being committed.

We work from the UK Police driver training manuals, considered the highest standard of driving in the world! 

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